General Information

Terms & Condition

About Ordering Procedure

Just send in the Product code the items to
Jenny will revert back to you with the invoice.

If the item is for pre-ordering, the arrival date will be as the spree timeline below
Please note the dated stated below is when then item will reach Jenny.

About Payment

Payment must be made in full to confirm an order

Only DBS/POSB bank transfer are accepted, no concealed cash or inter-bank transfer or paypal.

Jenny reserves the rights to reject any order at her discretion.

About Products

As the description, measurements and pictures are from the suppliers,Jenny will not be held responsible for any discrepancies. Jenny will, however, try to provide actual photos of items that was spree-ed previously to give a better feel of the items.

Jenny will not be held responsible if the item sent by the supplier is wrong color/size. She will however, check with the supplier for any possible compensation.

About Item Distribution

When the items arrive, you can choose one of the following method of distribution:
1) Mass Meetup (1 session at Bukit Gombak & City Hall MRT)
2) Self collection (Near Bukit Batok Driving center)
3) Postage (local postage top up required)

For more details on item distributions, please read it here

Jenny seek your cooperation to collect your items within 2 weeks as she have very limited space for storage.

About Meetups/Self collection

For instock & non-bulky items, no self collection or mass meetups available will be entertained. Free registered postage will be given for purchase of $100 and above for such cases.

For spree items (Shoes/Bags), Jenny will do one mass meetup session per month and self collection is also available at the designated located at mutual convenience. No free registered postage will be given for purchases of $100 and above for such cases.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there any discounts for multiple item purchases?

To give all our spree-ers/buyers the best deal, all the items are priced at the lowest price possible. Hence, it is highly unlikely any further discount can be offered for such cases.

However, Jenny will offer free registered postage for instock purchase of $100 and above provided the items are not over 2kg in total for instocks.

For spree, as mass meetup and self collection is provided, no free registered postage will be provided.


Is individual meetups possible?

Only self collection at the designated location will be entertained for bulky items (for sprees only)
No self collection for instocks will be entertain.


Can I do a refund/exchange if the items are not up to my expectations?

Jenny will not be able to do a refund/exchange as stated in our T&C.


What happen if my item is Out of Stock?

By default Jenny will do a full refund but you can opt to join in the next spree if stock is available then for order.


Can you reserve items for me?

Instocks will be release in first pay first serve basis, no exceptions, to be fair to everyone.


When will I receive my items if I pay up now?

For Spree, Jenny will aim to distribute the items within 2 weeks when items arrive.
For instocks:
1) Normal mail non bulky items, they will be sent out within 2 days upon payment verification
2) Registered mail/Bulky Items, Jenny will make around 2 trips to PO weekly (subject to changes)


Do you do wholesale?

Jenny is supplying various items for blogshops. Please drop me an email for the supply catalogue.


Why does Jenny no reply my SMS?

Jenny's mobile number is given to facilitate meetups/self collection only. She will not entertain any enquiries via SMS. Please send all enquiries via email.

Email Jenny

Please send your inquiries and orders to

Free Registered Postage Above $100

Please note that free registered postage will be given when:
1) It is an instock purchase
2) Total weight is less than 2kg

Spree items are not eligible for free registered postage as mass meetup/self-collection are available for your items.

About Spree by Jenny

Spree by Jenny is started by Jenny in December 2009. The aim for site is to bring in a huge variety of items at attractive prices.